Saturday, December 9, 2017
Nvidia just released the most insanely powerful graphics processor ever made

Nvidia just announced the Titan V, the most powerful graphics processing unit (GPU) of all time.

This isn't the type of graphics card your gamer friends all bought on Black Friday, either. This is a graphics card powerful enough for use on research in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The GPU contains 21.1 billion (yes, billion) transistors, and delivers 110 teraflops of horsepower, 9 times that of any other Nvidia processor. For perspective, the Xbox One X delivers only six teraflops, and that was really impressive when it was announced earlier this year.

Don't get any ideas, though — the Titan V is $3,000. Good gaming GPUs are usually $500-$600.

But it could mean huge things for research into and development of artificial intelligence. In October, Google's AI AlphaGo Zero became the best Go player in the world, in what was widely considered to be a massive leap forward in deep learning, using $25 million worth of computing hardware.

With such a powerful and efficient GPU freeing up resources for other innovations, it's exciting (and terrifying) to imagine what the next big AI will be able to do.

Source: Mashable
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Friday, December 1, 2017
Mine Cryptocurrency Through Running This Script Even After Closing Your Browser

Some web sites have actually located utilizing a straightforward yet reliable method to maintain their cryptocurrency mining javascript privately running in the history also when you shut your internet browser.

Image: The Hacker News
Because of the current rise in cryptocurrency rates, cyberpunks or even genuine web site managers are significantly making use of JavaScript-based cryptocurrency miners to generate income from by imposing the CPU power of their site visitor's COMPUTER to extract Bitcoin or various other cryptocurrencies.

After the globe's most preferred gush download web site, The Pirate Bay, captured covertly making use of Coinhive, a browser-based cryptocurrency miner solution, on its website last month, hundreds of various other web sites additionally began making use of the solution as an alternate money making version to banner advertisements.

Nonetheless, web sites making use of such crypto-miner solutions could extract cryptocurrencies as long as you get on their website. As soon as you shut the internet browser home window, they shed accessibility to your cpu and also linked sources, which at some point quits mining.
Sadly, this is not the instance any longer.

Safety scientists from anti-malware supplier Malwarebytes have actually located that some internet sites have actually uncovered a creative method to maintain their cryptocurrency mining software program running in the history also when you have actually shut the annoying web browser home window.

Exactly how Does This Web Browser Method Job?

Inning accordance with an article released Wednesday early morning by Malwarebytes, the brand-new method jobs by opening up a covert pop-under web browser home window that fits behind the taskbar and also conceals behind the clock on your Microsoft's Windows computer system.

From there (concealed from your sight), the internet site runs the crypto-miner code that forever creates cryptocurrency for the individual regulating the website while consuming CPU cycles as well as power from your computer system up until and also unless you discover the home window and also shut it.

Scientists state this strategy is a great deal tougher to determine as well as able to bypass most ad-blockers as a result of exactly how smartly it conceals itself. The crypto-miner runs from a crypto-mining engine organized by Internet Web Servers.

To maintain itself unknown, the code running in the surprise web browser constantly deals with the optimum CPU use and also keeps limit to a tool degree.

You could additionally take a look at the computer animated GIF photo that demonstrates how this brilliant method jobs.

This strategy services the current variation of Google's Chrome internet browser operating on one of the most current variations of Microsoft's Windows 7 as well as Windows 10.

Ways To Block Hidden Cryptocurrency Miners

If you believe your computer system CPU is running a little more challenging compared to common, simply seek any kind of web browser home windows in the taskbar. If you locate any kind of web browser symbol there, your computer system is running a crypto-miner. Currently merely, eliminate it.

Extra technological individuals could run Task Manager on their computer system to make sure there is no residue running web browser procedures as well as end them.

Because internet browsers themselves presently are not obstructing cryptocurrency miners neither does the incorporated Windows Protector antivirus software application, you could utilize antivirus programs that instantly obstruct cryptocurrency miners on websites you go to.
For this, you could call your anti-virus carrier to inspect if they do.

Conversely, you could use internet browser expansions, like No Coin, that instantly obstruct in-browser cryptocurrency miners for you, as well as consistently upgrade themselves with brand-new mining manuscripts that appear.

Produced by designer Rafael Keramidas, No Coin is an open resource expansion that obstructs Coin Hive as well as various other comparable cryptocurrency miners as well as is readily available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and also Opera.

No Coin presently does not sustain Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, and also Internet Explorer. So, those making use of among these internet browsers could utilize an antimalware program that obstructs cryptocurrency miners.

Source: The Hacker News
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Monday, November 20, 2017
Essential Phone: This is for Android users who like the design of iPhone X

Essential Phone Andy Rubin
Essential Phone PH-1
Most of Android users have admitted that the iPhone X is absolutely gorgeous. One of the reasons is that "notch" at the top of the screen. But no matter have good looks that iPhone X is, it still won't pull away the faithful of Android users.

Co-creator of Android's Andy Rubin has created and unveiled his new phone, the Essential Phone PH-1. It offers a stock Android experience and seems no other devices out there but they come up short on its promises.

Just like in other phones, it still has pros and cons.

• Magnificient technologies packed inside
• Stock Android
• Remarkable design

• Lack of many features unlike others
• Costly but half the price of iPhone X
• Needs to verify the accessory port itself

This Phone may not be really edge-to-edge like the iPhone X but pretty close. But this is much closer than any other Android phone out there like Samsung Galaxy Phones.

It has 128 GB of internal storage with 4GB of RAM and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. Its casing is created from ceramic and titanium. It comes in four colors glossy black (Black Moon),matte dark gray (Stellar Grey), glossy white (Pure White) and glossy green with bronze sides (Ocean Depths). Its screen size is 5.7 inches. Rear camera is 13 megapixes, while the front camera is 8 megapixels. Also can shoot 4k video on both.

Essential Phone PH-1 is only available in US (Buy from Essential and Sprint) and in Canada (Buy from Telus) for $499. If you want to reserve it, it costs you $749 unlocked with 128 GB storage with 360-degree camera.

Source: Business Insider
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Wednesday, November 15, 2017
PH Gov collaborating with Facebook to develop ultra high-speed broadband

trending news online technology
Image: Pixabay
The DICT as well as BCDA have introduced a task called Luzon Bypass Facilities with Facebook as the initial party utilizing the infrastructure. This job will certainly offer high-speed broadband infrastructure at a much budget friendly price. The BLI project is expected to be completed as well as functional by end of 2019.
The Bases Conversion Advancement Authority will construct the LBI that is consisted of 2 wire landing terminals connected by a 250-km long cord network passage.

As the first celebration to utilize the Luzon Bypass Framework, Facebook will build and operate a submarine cable system that will land in the wire terminals on the East and West Coasts of Luzon. The cord will supply straight connections from Luzon to Internet centers in the USA and Asia.

DICT, will certainly operate the Luzon Bypass Infrastructure, preserve the associated facilities as well as supply last mile connection in the Philippines.

The total bandwidth of this range is expected to get to as much as 2 million Mbps (2,000 Gbps).
Previous records from federal government firms have shown that the federal government is planning to develop the Third gamer to contend against the existing duopoly of PLDT and Globe. This could be just the very first steps in that direction.

Source: Yugatech
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Tuesday, November 14, 2017
Are you Struggling With New Programming Languages? Below's The Ways to Come to be A Better Learner

Why can't I recognize the fundamentals of Python language? Just how can I get better at researching Python? initially appeared on Quora: the place to acquire and share knowledge, encouraging individuals to learn from others and also much better understand the world.

Response by John L. Miller on Quora:

Learning how to program is like learning how to write, or to be a musician. There's a particular quantity of skill as well as relevant ability you currently have. Then there's practice, as well as practice, and more practice, picking up a brand-new technique or tool as you grasp what you've learned until now.

Right here's exactly what worked best for me in discovering how to program, and also learning substantial brand-new programming languages.

  1. Understand the why. What is the language for? What is it great for? Why should I learn it, just what will it let me to do that I cannot do today?
  2. Survey what you have no idea yet, as well as discover exactly what you can. For your primary step, do a 'hello there world,' publish the numbers 1 to 20, or make a simple calculator. When you excel at that, glance the various other language attributes to see which ones make sense as well as can help you do things you understand.
  3. Discover interesting points to do. Do not learn in a vacuum. You need to utilize things virtually, you should develop muscular tissue memory on the proper way to use them. Find out something you're interested in. If you like books, perhaps you wish to create programs to evaluate word count, syntax, what have you. If you like stocks, maybe you want to be able to parse a series of stock quotes and also try to find patterns. Find something fascinating sufficient that resolving it is feasible, as well as inspires you.
  4. Practice what you know and just what you've simply learned. Program. Obtain stuck, learn the best ways to obtain unstuck. Obtain proficient at describing your existing trouble in Google concern form. There's always a solution available you could comprehend, you simply need to discover it. Practice, practice, technique.
  5. Rinse as well as repeat. Go back to 'survey ...' as well as repeat. Each cycle you'll know a little bit extra, and also recognize things better.

Develop a support group of similar people. Find another person that is discovering how to program as well as at concerning your degree. Always search for the answer on your own for at least half an hour prior to asking another person. Be generous in your time assisting others, however make certain they find out. This is ideal for everyone.

I have actually attempted finding out by checking out books on programming, or books on a new language. Despite my experience and also the number of languages I've already found out, it just does not function. I need to use the programming language, learn the tools, and also develop actual points. Don't be shocked if this is the case for you, also.

Source: Forbes
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Monday, November 13, 2017
Facebook Asks to Send Your Nudes to Stop Revenge Porn? No, Thank you!

Facebook asks to send your nudes in Australia
Facebook's most current attempt to wipe revenge pornography off its platform: asking customers to send their very own nude pictures.

The Australian federal government's Workplace of the eSafety Commissioner introduced it is signing up with a pilot program with Facebook to avoid intimate pictures of customers from appearing versus their will certainly on the social media's system.

The unusual catch: customers fretted an inappropriate photo may appear on Facebook's platforms are asked to send an intimate photo using Messenger, a preventive measure made to flag the photos prior to they're shared.

Facebook Global Head of Safety And Security Antigone Davis has made clear some things about exactly how Facebook's test pilot to fight revenge porn in Australia functions. The method requires submitting your nude pictures or videos to Messenger in order to aid Facebook tag it as non-consensual specific media.

" With this new little pilot, we intend to examine an emergency situation alternative for people to provide an image proactively to Facebook, so it never obtains cooperated the starting point," Davis wrote. "This program is totally voluntary. It's a safety procedure that could assist stop a much even worse scenario where an image is shared even more commonly."

Inning accordance with the eSafety Office, if a Facebook customer in Australia is concerned about an intimate photo spreading out online, they fill out a kind, after that send out the photo to themselves making use of Messenger.

As soon as Facebook is alerted, they utilize image-matching innovation to stop any individual from sharing it on their systems.

Facebook is doing this in partnership with Australian government company eSafety in order to try to protect against people from sharing intimate images without consent. If somebody anxieties they go to threat of vengeance pornography, they can call eSafety. The organization could after that tell them to send a naked picture of themselves to themselves via Messenger. Facebook's hashing system would certainly then be able to identify those photos in the future without needing to keep them on its web servers.

Sources: CNBC, Techrunch
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